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I had the opportunity to meet the founders of Bare Foot Wine at our Renaissance Executive Forums CEO Peer Advisory Groups event, and I really like a quote Michael Houlihan said about addressing issues before they get out of hand:

“Concrete is easy to move when its wet, but once it hardens you’ll need a jackhammer.”

The idea is that you should make changes when you are starting out so you end up with what you really want. If you let things go and build your company without the final vision in mind, you often end up with something you don’t like. That is when the really hard part starts. Something that would have required a simple tweak or adjustment at the beginning is now a culture and business model that will take a lot of hard work to fix.

You may have achieved a significant level of success in the growth of your business but now you look back and see that the people who are leading your team are not the people you would hire today. Sales covers a multitude of sins and when things are great you never stopped to look at the structure of the business or team you were building. Who had time for that? You were too busy taking orders and trying to keep up with the demand. Now you are trying to take the business to the next level and your team is just not prepared to scale and sustain. Now what?

The best time to plant is tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

It’s not too late but you will need help. That is one of the reasons our group members meet each month to make sure they are building the company and team they really want; not just the one they end up with. Our CEO Peer Group members are being proactive to learn from the experience of others to avoid problems, and to get the support we all need to be the best leaders we can be. Click this photo to learn more or email me at and lets talk today.

Robert Hunt
Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas

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